Saturday, February 4, 2017

Laguna Torres Hike

So on the first beautiful day, we donned our big packs and headed up the trail. The trail in question, Laguna Torres, is the usual series of glacial stair-steps leading to the big ex-glacial clearing/forests. Not wanting to over-do it, we stopped at kilometer 5. The scenery was as advertised, breath-taking, world-class, etc.
Rio Fitz Roy

The trail; the scenery beginning to unfold

First good view of Cerro Solo and its hanging glacier

Fitz Roy begins to peek out; it disappears from view for much
of the rest of this hike

At 3.4k high, not all that high; not climbed until the 50s

Waterfall at the first mirador

Cerro Torres, right, begins to peek out

The trail passes through a variety of gnarly woods

Cerro Solo again

It's Cerro Torre again you can't take your eyes off

Neighbors and glacier; behind is the huge Viedma glacier, more
an icefield

As we are heading back, clouds roll in

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Rebecca said...

Gorgeous mountain shots!