Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 3 On The W: Resting at Camping Torres

Since we made it to the Torres mirador on Day 2, and had reservations for two nights at Camping Torres, we took a day of rest and reorganization. The weather had cleared over-night.
You can see much of the Torres from the refugio next to the

Among many empty rental units at the campground; we
conjecture the first year of the reservation system has really
inhibited travel here; maybe that's what the national park
wants...there were some serious human-caused fires recently

More of the campground; they really should remove the ugly/
uninteresting mountain that hides the Torres

The bathroom block, as our British friends would say

For amusement, I walked the several hundred meters down the
road to the Hotel Los Tores

And its older adjunct

Bar/reception at the Hotel Los Torres; certainly the nicest
facilities in the park; if only they opened the gift shoppe

A whole hall of national park displays

Helpful topo models showing most of our route

What will b days 5-6-7 of our trek

More displays

And in English too

Giant sloth...3 meters high...a major part of the paleo diet
until it was hunted to extinction 

Archaic horse with elephant-like snouts; this is the part of
evolution about random mutation

Modern-day horses

Hotel employees wear these snappy gaucho-
esque uniforms



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