Friday, April 6, 2018

Auckland Museum, 1

We visited the Auckland Museum in 2008 and were impressed, particularly with its Maori artifacts and exhibits as well as those from all over Polynesia. We have visited Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum in Wellington, three times since then, but still have very high regard for the Auckland Museum. From Baylys Beach we drove to the Top 10 in Orewa for a couple more days on the beach, sorting, packing, and closing out our 2018 NZ visit. We spent our last day, April 2nd, in Auckland, mostly at the great Museum on the hill.
Auckland Museum

The great 25m 100-warrior waka, perhaps the most memorable
item at the museum; the last of its kind, built in the 1830s

View from the stern

Stern ornament; still processing this...Vicki
conjectures it depicts a viagra overdose...

Museum floorplan from which you can further appreciate the
great size of this war canoe, all cut from a single totara trunk

Body marking implements (tattoo)

How far from Disney do you have to get...?

Among many cases of Polynesian exhibits

Anatomical correctness from New Guinea

Another canoe

Spear collection

Particularly ouchy ones


Beautifully wrought paddles and oars

Bark quilts

Assorted tools, containers

Silly masks department

Wood sculpture, man with pounamu

More expert carving

Conch horn

A wealth of jade carving

Oar and bailing buckets

Tiki or carved village entrance, this from the
traditional village at Rororua

Pounamu, jade paddles for pounding an enemy's
head; or for ceremonial use

Celebrated pose

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