Monday, April 2, 2018

ATVing On Baylys Beach

From Dargaville we drove the few miles back to the coast again and spent the night at the Baylys Beach holiday park where we had stayed in 2014. On that visit we fulfilled one of Vicki's wish list items, namely, horseback riding on a great beach. Baylys is right up there with the so-called Hundred Mile Beach, actually only sixty; both feature scores of undeveloped miles of broad hard-packed sand beaches, backed by sandstone cliffs. They are totally drivable by 2wd and 4wd vehicles at low tide. (All NZ road laws apply to these beaches). Anyhow, the horse thing in 2014 was nice, another once-in-a-lifetime deal. This year we wanted to drive an ATV (not Rooby) on the beach, and so rented one for an hour's ride from the nice people at the holiday park. We got about 5 miles either side of Baylys Beach town and had a blast.
From the cliffs

Heading north on the beach

It was the Friday of a four-day Easter weekend, and all kinds
of people were out, walking, driving, wading, fishing, clamming

Cliffs similar to Riparo Beach

Big beach, looking north many miles

Heading back south


Left turn for Baylys Beach town

Coal seam with waterfall


Torpedo fisher-persons


Lots going on at the beach

Our steed

On windy Baylys Beach

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