Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bealey Track

Our progress toward Arthur's Pass was slow, mainly since we wanted to do some serious walking and also see a few new sights. Bealey's Track heads up from the highway to yield, after a few kilometers walking and a thousand feet of elevation gain, some fine views of the out-wash plains of three or four converging valleys. New Zealand has some of the largest such plains we have seen, outside of Alaska and the Himalayas. And the Andes. Anyhow, too pooped to press on, we camped again on Lake Pearson.

Too cloudy...the distant snows in the center suggest much
larger mountains beyond our view

The whole place was a bit reminiscent of Mt. Sunday, Edoras,
which we visited in 2014


Tawana said...

Is this runoff or a river or what in the valley?

Mark said...

River; in the spring much larger; and, historically, much larger, when the glaciers were far larger.