Sunday, January 21, 2018

Arthur's Pass

There were a couple short hikes we might have taken at Arthur's Pass, but we were generally underwhelmed, and, having seen the Pass, we reversed back east to head for Lake Tekapo and Mt. Cook, much more spectacular country.
Helpful models in the Arthur's Pass visitor center


Top of the pass heading down west

Interestingly, the west side was studded with Pohutukawa trees
in bloom

Aka the Metrosideros Excelsa

Aka the New Zealand Christmas Tree

At the Pass, a monument to Arthur Dobson, the surveyor who
recommended the pass for an east-west road; the Maori had
told him about it; we were hoping for a small castle, maybe a
round table, some jousting...

The Pass's current residents...Kea, the famed New Zealand
alpine parrot (not to be confused with the Norwegian Blue)

In flight

We'll see more of them further south

There were some nice waterfalls in the area

But we were ready to move on

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Tawana said...

Beautiful waterfalls, and I loved that bridge with the curve in it.