Monday, November 6, 2017

Genoa To Florence

We spent an administrative/rest day at Camping Vesima, and then, wisely electing to drive the autostrada, bypassed Genoa, hoping to do some of the coastal towns to the south, to Portofino, and perhaps even around to La Spezia and maybe a piece of the Cinque Terre again. The driving proved difficult, the parking nil, and the hikes we were interested in in the Sink Terror all were closed. So we headed south and east to Florence. All this on October 30th.
You know you're at an Italian campground Camping
Vesima...11 hours of rest at night and then 3 hours of siesta in
the afternoon

A bit of Camping Vesima; low season, all the amenities closed,
but still nearly full

The autostrada some hundreds of feet above

Looking back at the campground: its little beach on the left,
the train tracks to Genoa...sort of hemmed-in, but nice enough

Scenes on the coast south of place to stop, much less

We'll return, maybe in a Smart Car

Marble mountain; I remember the first time I saw it, in 1989;
I thought we'd missed a turn and were back in the Alps

The coast along Carrara was remarkable for its relative lack of

Mile after mile of small holdings along the beach, no hotels, no

At length we made it to Florence and our old friend Florence
Park sosta/storage on Via Scandicci, already crowded for the
holiday week...

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Tawana said...

A picturesque drive even without parking places along the way.