Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Genoa Scenes

It was a glorious autumn weekend and the whole city seemed bent on making the most of it.
They really like their Cristiforo Colombo here,
not as much as Spain, but pretty much

The location on the Bay of Genoa is
spectacular, where the mountains come down
to the sea, but it means that it is a quite dense
and vertical environment

Dense+vertical=narrow, interesting alleys

Halloween almost upon us

Antico Porto

The alley our restaurant was on

Famous Italian names

Opera, 2017 season; no Wagner

Antique store on the Strada Nuova

City hall again

Harbor light-house

Red palace again

From the roof of the Palazzo Rossi

Saturday afternoon was "Princess Day" at the Royal Palace

Tyrrhenian sunset and the end of a wonderful day

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Tawana said...

Beautiful photos. Wonder if they are rethinking Columbus as part of the US is.