Monday, November 23, 2015

Death Valley Days, 2

So another day we drove down to the Devil's Golf Course and then Badwater Basin, which is the lowest of the low.
Devil's Golf Course, 11th fairway; amazing how many things
here are named "Devil"

Closer up

Salts forming over baked and re-baked mud; in the basin there
is actually standing water here and there, and the re-baked mud
can be quite mushy

Thus, the Devil's Golf Course; we didn't play

Moving right along, we are now at the Badwater Basin site;
some bad rains recently closed a number of the roads in DVNP,
including this one, but only beyond the official deepest place


Standing water

You can walk as far as you like out into the Basin; the "road"
here is actually a pathway made by millions of boots and shoes
tramping over the salty mush

Great natural beauty (!)

Vicki, overcome by all the natural beauty

Salt formation: extreme close-up

Parthian shot

In the parking lot at Badwater Basin; look directly up from our
rig and you'll see...

The helpful sign, 270 feet above, showing where sea level
would be; there are many such helpful  road signs throughout
the park

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