Monday, November 2, 2015

Arches National Park, II: Park Avenue

Next day, among other explorations in Moab, we hiked the short Park Avenue trail in Arches, so-called because the high walls on either side reminded early non-native visitors of Manhattan's tall buildings. Evidently the sun was getting to them.
It's just a mile or so that short-cuts a bend in the Park road

But the scenery is exemplary 

Thus; we saw The Martian a few weeks ago, and walking
around here it is so nice to see some green now and then to
remind us we are not on an EVA on the red planet

Yes, that's Balanced Rock in the far distant

The Three Gossips: Moe, Larry and Curly

More typical Canyonlands vistas

The micro is just as interesting as the macro; most of this
sandstone was put down as part of water action, seas, lakes,
rivers, streams, beaches, shores, over a 300 million year period;
fascinating to look at the record of wave and other action
recorded in the rock

Thus, ditto

Nature imitates art...origin of flame stitch, which some of us
associate with the American southwest...actually, it is thought
to be Hungarian, by way of Florence, and is known in the
needle-point world as "Bargello," which really Thai's things
together for me; impressed, Tawana? Thank you, again,

Incipient arch...give it another 10 million years...


Tawana said...

Actually, I was very impressed. I have done a lot of Bargello in my earlier needlepointing life! Good job!

Rebecca said...

Nice allusion to the Martian! The landscape does seem so alien, I agree.