Saturday, May 23, 2015

ReturnTo Europe, 2015; And A New Rig

So Monday Delta jetted us first to Detroit and then to Amsterdam, both relatively quick and painless flights. I watched The Big Lebowksi for the hundredth+ time and also a disturbing documentary on contemporary American higher education, Ivory Tower. We got into Amsterdam early enough to have a second breakfast, waiting for Rene to pick us up in our rig. He was there on schedule, and after a couple hours of paperwork and demonstration, we were off to the Het Amsterdamse Bos campground, where we have stayed before. The next three days we spent unpacking, getting to know the new rig, making some minor alterations, and provisioning for the coming weeks. Also struggling with jet lag and the worst cold I've had in some time.
Over Holland...

The new (to us) rig at the Albert Heijn superhypermercado in
Amstelveen; Vicki wanted something smallish and we both wanted
something we wouldn't have to spend arms and legs on for
insurance: thus, a 2001 Rotec (German) motorhome on a Fiat turbo
diesel,..c. 48,000 miles....a pretty standard European rig, if smallish
and underpowered; but it is relatively spacious, for us, and has more
storage than we have ever enjoyed before; alas, or maybe not alas, it
is short on such amenities as air conditioning, entertainment system,
outdoor kitchen, generator, microwave, and cruise control, 
camera, and automatic transmission; we'll manage, somehow; we're
feeling very European, which is good

Our row at Het Amsterdamse Bos

Parts of which are over-run with rabbit (Penelope)

Stimulating the local, well, the Euro economy; where else are
you going to get household items for an RV when there's no

Eating local...brats with curry gewurz, rode bieten, grootmoeders
zurkool, and some aardappel salade, washed down by a glass of

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Tawana said...

We are so glad you made it safely across the pond and are ensconced in your new rig. I hope that all goes well and that you have a wonderful summer!