Saturday, May 9, 2015

California Campin': Out-Takes

In case you forgot the Hershey's, the Graham crackers, and
the marshmellows, the concessionaire stores at Yosemite have
you covered....

A crebain out of Dunland enjoys some Doritos, dropped from
a tourist's shopping bag; Yosemite's ravens are absolutely as
large and aggressive as Yellowstone's; only the latter have learned
how to unzip backpacks (seriously), however

We met lots of nice people on this trip, especially Europeans
visiting Yosemite; these two boys are part of a family of six
from Lille, taking a year off to explore the New World (in a

Our second night at the Upper Pines campground was graced
by a van-load (and then some) of college-aged movie-makers;
at first I figured they were going to document the first ascent
of some rock or other, but, instead, they lengthily video'd the
making of a campfire, the erecting of tents, blowing up of air
mattresses, cooking of hot dogs, and even did an extended
interview of the Indian (dot) family next door...I guess I've
already had my fifteen minutes

At Wawona, an interestingly-painted neighbor

When we were boon-docking south of Yosemite,
I found my trusty old .177 caliber semi-automatic
Daisy and emptied quite a few clips in the general
direction of this beer can, occasionally hitting it;
and not shooting my eye out

Cruciform stakes in a vineyard on route 41; pre-transubstantiation
wine? So we were stopped here, taking the picture and laughing
about it when the state trooper pulls up and asks whether
everything is all right...

Not laughing...we have driven most of the great two-lane scenic
coastal highways and never seen an accident, despite some pretty
precarious circumstances; but not this day; hopefully no one was
seriously hurt

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