Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A few more miles' driving and we are in Northleach, a Cotswold town we visited in 1989, with our girls, for an exercise in brass rubbing. I remember eating in a pub while the rubbing was underway. I also remember that the Porsche Club of Great Britain was head-quartered here. But no one now seems to remember it.
Pretty standard Cotswold stone, manicured garden; turns
out the property was for sale

Ditto, Cotswold-wise

Of particular interest: a house full of doll houses; alas, closed

Outside view

Inside peek

Listings...pretty much like a real estate office;
the Cotswold stone house runs L700...about

We ventured later into the SS Peter & Paul church, 15th
century mostly, updated, of course

Northleach brass; we still have those 1989
rubbings, girls...they're in our Missoula home

And, astonishingly, right here in an open
church, Ribera's Quo Vadis, Domine; not a
Velasquez, granted, but something that really
should be in a museum, under security

More Cotswolds in Northleach; note the snot-green down-

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Tawana said...

So, how much was the house hat was for sale? Maybe a house in the Cotswolds would be nice!