Friday, July 26, 2013

Brighton Interim Update

Daughter Rebecca and grand-daughter Penelope arrived on schedule July 17th at Heathrow. They had spent a few days with daughter Rachel and her husband Will in DC, so they already had a three hour jump on the jet-lag issue. Anyhow, we picked them up at Heathrow #1, rode the train back to Heathrow #4 where we had parked overnight, and then drove on to a Caravan Club site somewhere northwest of London, where we unpacked, moved them in, and crashed. The next seven days were pretty busy: "The Making of Harry Potter," Oxford, Blenheim Palace (including an encounter with the Duke of Marlborough), Avebury, the Vyne (home and garden), Nunney (family castle), the Jane Austen House, Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), Monk's House (Virginia Woolf), and now Brighton. Rebecca has gone up to London for a few days' sightseeing and culture on her own, and we have Penelope to ourselves, which we have been looking forward to for months. Anyhow, we'll do a bit more of Brighton, the Royal Pavilion, etc., and then head up to London ourselves to show P the relevant sights. She is already quite fond of double-decker buses. I'll work on the blog as I can...being with the grand-daughter takes precedence over all!

PS As many readers know, Vicki contributes monthly to the World Wide Travelers newsletter, mostly on the more practical side of our travels; her July write-up is at
Not afraid of Virginia Woolf; Penelope at the
Writing Shed, Monk's House

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Tawana said...

Is this precious child going to be left handed? Both Jason and Caroline are, but I think that both of Jason's kids are right handed.
Glad you are having fun, but I miss the blog posts. I want to see photos of Highclere!