Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kauai North Coast

So one day we spent doing waterfalls on the east side of the island and then the north coasts...
Kauai waterfall and pool

Waialeale...the big one...see below

Not the rainiest place on earth, by inches of precip, but by
number of annual days of precip...360

Kilauea Lighthouse

We drove up around the top, shopped at Hanipepe, and visited
the beginning of the Kalalau Trail and the Na Pali coast

Norm and I got as far as the half mile marker; enough,

The view back down the trail; although it had rained lately,
the trail did not seem nearly as slippery as in February, 2009,
the last time I was on it; nor was I carrying all our
backpacking stuff...

Looking toward the Na Pali and more of the trail; I have some
seriously conflicting feelings about this place...

One of the big wet caves near the beginning of the trail

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