Wednesday, December 21, 2011

En Route To Maui

So our twin-engine prop Island Air DHC8 flew low and slow, as I like it, from Lihue on Kauai to Kahului on Maui, affording marvelous views of five of Hawaii's larger islands...
Bye-bye, Kauai

Oahu's northwest cape; note gigantic waves

Desolate west coast of Oahu

Honolulu sprawl

Pearl Harbor, Battleship Row, Missouri and Arizona Memorial

Next up: Molokai

Molokai southwest coast; we'll see the splendiferous northeast
coast via heli later; even lower and slower

Over desolate and sparse Lanai now

From Lanai to Maui...10 miles? 5?

On approach to Kahului; Lahaina, where the boats are
headed, is where we'll stay

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