Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Güle Güle, Turkey

Tonight finds us at an Otopark in Ipsala, on Turkey's border with Greece. The Aegean is a mile or two away, and the winds are buffeting us just as at Sultanahmet. But it is dry and pleasant, short-sleeve temperatures.

This is our 68th and final day in Turkey. We came here with a little apprehension and also high expectation. We have never met anyone who visited Turkey and did not absolutely love it. We can now join that group. Been there, loved that. It is one of the most varied and interesting places we have been, historically, culturally, geographically; exotic, but comfortably exotic; friendly and welcoming too. I am sure I will post some more about Turkey, and Vicki's "practical highlights" on Turkey will appear on our website soon.  We have some more of the world still to see, but we'd love to return to Turkey.
My "Crescent and Star" salad tribute, cucumbers and
tomatoes and yogurt with spearmint; onions and olives
added later; preceded by a final glass of wonderful Efes;
and, of course, followed by some final baklava from


Tawana said...

We knew you would love Turkey!

Mark said...


We did, and in part because of your advice and encouragement. See you in February maybe.