Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Day in Grindelwald

Tuesday we moved from Lauterbrunnen to Grindelwald. Pullling up stakes and driving the 20km took a good part of the day, as did finding and setting up camp at the Gletscherdorf campground in which we are now parked. It is by a glacial torrent, coming down from the Shreckhorn and its glacier, right at the northeast base of the Eiger. We have sort of an angular view of the Eigerwand. The Finsteraarhorn, the tallest of the Berner Oberland group, is just above the aforementioned glacier. We had seen and done the things we wanted to do in Lauterbrunnen, and I had tired of the $wiss anal greed on such spectacular display at the $hitzenbach campground. They charge for garbage, hot water for diswashing, showers,  wifi, etc. Where we are now is about the same price, but everything is included, even wifi. Luxury! And a pleasant and helpful staff too, unlike Shitzenback and Ms. Piggy there. And no tour busses of US and UK college students. But I digress.

Wednesday we resolved to do nothing, and then to rest. We accomplished this by walking into Grindelwald, a quarter of a mile perhaps, doing some grocery and window shopping, and then returning to the campground for a warm afternoon of reading, resting, and internetting under our awning. For dinner we enjoyed a salad and cheese fondue. Gruyere and Emmentaler, bought in the right places, and Kirsch, etc. Probably not many others were doing fondue this evening--we usually do it for Xmas--but we have our customs and traditions to uphold: when in the Berner Oberland, eat cheese fondue, no matter if it's 93 degrees outside. The chocolate course, with Caillier's, bananas and strawberries, is later this evening.

Oh, and Happy Bastille Day, y'all!

In Grindelwald, the Eiger on the right

The Finsteraarhorn, I think, is the one of the right; maybe
the left...

A 1930s tri-motor flies over the Eiger summit

Main street, Grindelwald

One of the world's more scenic putt-putt courses

They do parasailing here too, though not as profigately as
in Chamonix

Evidently Victorinox makes Swiss Army parasails; also
peels potatoes and adjusts valves on Porsches; and
downloads 8G for presentations

Making hay, the old-fashioned way; you have to admire
their work ethic...

Vicki's new camper-sized fondue pot for two

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