Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chamonix Miscellany

I spent two days in Chamonix working on the %$#@ "Shurflo" water pump and macerator--some success on the former, none on the latter--and then another day being sick, all of which enabled us to visit the marche once more, and enjoy yet another poulet roti repast. Then we were off to Italy.
"Ye Ice-falls! ye that from the mountain’s brow
Adown enormous ravines slope amain—
Torrents, methinks, that heard a mighty voice,
And stopped at once amid their maddest plunge!
Motionless torrents! silent cataracts!"
"Hymn upon Sunrise in the Vale of Chamouni"

Mssr. Paccard, first to climb Mont Blanc,
always seems surprised to be sitting in a
main square in Chamonix

The repast (second)

And then, Sunday, we're off to Italy through the Tunnel
(to be explained)

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