Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Versailles 1

We are in the third lap of the queue; largest crowd we have ever seen at Versailles

The official royal chamber was below the clock; I wonder if the incessant big-time ticking kept him awake

Chapel; alas, the Opera, my favorite, was closed for renovation

Our guy Louis

Hall of Mirrors

Tagging in the Hall of Mirrors, 1842

In the Hall of War, which I had never before visited; many paintings of Napoleon, here the campaign over the Alps, early in his career

Will and Rachel in the gardens

Saturday we all took the train and met in Versailles to do the chateau and gardens and fountains. It was crowded, but the weather cooperated, and we had a good if exhausting day, including, for Vicki and me, several things we had not seen in previous visits. I doubt whether any of us got back home much before midnight.

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