Friday, August 21, 2009

Sallie B

Pride of place at Duxford clearly goes to the B-17G Flying Fortress Sallie B

Take-off from Duxford
What must have been a familiar sight here, 65 years ago, a Flying Fort banking low over the East Anglia countryside
Flying over Bar Hill, on approach

Full view
Tail view
Apparently the Sallie B has been a movie star as well
From the American Hangar, US 8th and 9th Air Force bases in southeastern England, June 6, 1944; you get to be proud to be a Yank, here

I had no idea what a treat it was to see this aircraft in flight until I spoke with a member of the Sallie B Association who told me she'd logged only 9 minutes airborn in the past year...engine trouble, difficulty of repair in a large 66-year old plane.

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