Friday, January 16, 2009

Atop the Remarkables

Southern Alps, Many Miles Away

Peter Jackson and Viggo Mortensen Stood Right Here!

Same Dimrill Dale, Different Island

These People Will Jump Off Anything...

Thursday again combined the mundane with the exceptional. After more morning errands, we drove up the 13km unsealed track to the Remarkables Ski Center and then hiked up to Lake Alta, a glacial tarn near the end of the range. The views back toward the lake and town, and beyond to the Southern Alps in the great distance, were terrific. At Lake Alta, we identified two important LOTR sites, another Dimrill Dale view and also the creek (actually a smaller pondlet) where Aragorn crosses the Silverlode (so Vicki said). The exciting descent featured more views and also a para-sail launch site. The later afternoon and evening were occupied with washing sleeping bags and other things, and a mundane camper meal prepared in the campground kitchen.

Friday we'll leave Queenstown and spend a few days in the Glenorchy area, reconnoitering the Routeburn and hiking. The Milford tramp is next week.

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