Friday, June 1, 2018

Siracusa: Ortigia, 1

We drove on from Noto to Sicily's grand old city, Syracuse, which the Greeks founded way back in 733 BC, colonists from Corinth. (So why didn't they do Corinthian capitals?!). We visited Siricusa in 2011 and loved it: the new and the old; and the very old. Even in Archimedes' time, it was really four cities bunched together, of which Ortigia, the island, was the principal and oldest. In 2011, we visited the enormous inland archaeological park with its assorted Greek and Roman architectural monuments. This time, we just wanted spend a day walking Ortigia, which has plenty of antiquity by itself, plus much modernity and some really good trendy shopping. The next day, we'd do Syracuse's Paulo Orsi Museum, another favorite, another story.
The bit of water that separates Ortigia from the rest of the island (Sicily)

Just stepping onto Ortigia...the remains of the Temple of Apollo; the usual 5th
or 6th century Doric

On the piazza right next to the ruins, the police are holding an open class for
the kiddies on traffic mores and manners, maybe even laws; I always find these
things impressive, hopeful...

Back to the was a big, important temple, in a big and important city,
some would say bigger and more important than Athens itself

I hope to return to Sicily some day; maybe the driving will be different and
better because of these classes...hope springs eternal

A really gorgeous fountain, said to be Art Nuvo....

If nothing else, Noto sensitized us to the potential beauty of balconies

It's not a big island; maybe ten minutes' walk across

Tight squeeze

Street scene

Did I mention that Sicily is really big on puppetry? Here, a puppet maker's shop

Another street scene

Wedding alert...!

"How much should I tip the priest?

After the ceremony, a little promenade on the city's main square

The priest was in confession for several hours after the ceremony, we conjectured

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