Friday, June 8, 2018

National Archaeological Museum, Naples, 2018

If you care about the classical world, archaeology, the history of art, this is one of those ground zero places. All the goodies from Pompei and Herculaneum found their way here; plus all the extraordinary goodies the Farnese popes dug up from the Baths of Caraculla in Rome, quarrying for the new St. Peter's Basilica. Previous visits and posts are:,

and I have only a few pix to add...
Grand hall of the museum, formerly a palace

Meridians were quite the thing back then

The Blue Vase, 1st century AD, from Pompei, cameo/glass

Snake City/Lucky Charms...cobras, no less; all this stuff from Pompei

Helpful model of the Temple of Isis in Pompei

Impressive if not helpful model of Pompei as it had been excavated by 1879

Some of the paintings are quite large

Among the more popular portraits

Personal favorite: a stylized Sappho

The Penelope/Diana; from the Villa of Arianna; see #4 below

18 feet across by my measure

Among the Pompei sculptures


Approaching the Gabinetto Segredo, where the dukes kept the lewd stuff; a
lewd floor mosaic

And a lewd sarcophagus; for other lewd pix, see previous posts noted above

Vicki refers to the Gabinetto Segredo as the Viagra Room

Moving right along, no longer in the Pompei collections, a selection of "dying
Gauls," a favorite Greek/Roman theme

In one of the beautiful courtyards

For reasons still not well understood, at least by me, the museum also had a
temporary exhibition of Star Wars props, including, foremost, this X-wing

And this

Integrating the collections

Thus; one of the great museums also has a great sense of

The Farnese Hercules at Rest; one of the greats

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