Monday, April 9, 2018

Top 10 Reasons To Prefer The North Island

[to be illustrated eventually]

10 More and more interesting and diverse peoples, especially Maori
9   More history, more stories
8  More major cultural institutions...Te Papa Tongarewa, Auckland Museum, for example
7  More interesting architecture...Wellington, deco..Maori traditional buildings
6  More and more varied flora...Kauri, potutukawa, Nikau palms...
5  More and more varied, glow worms
4  Major LOTR sites, Weta Cave, Hobbiton, tours
3 More and better beaches, coves, seascapes; accessible (bring tidal charts)
2 Warmth: thermal features, Hot Water Beach, many hot springs, volcanoes; semi-tropical climate
1 No sandflies (also less rain, fewer earthquakes, thieving kea, and way fewer obnoxious tourists)

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