Friday, April 27, 2018

Return To Rome, 2018

We celebrated P's actual birthday on April 23rd, and on April 24th, Lufthansa jetted us first to Hot Dog City and then to Rome, where we brought Le Duc out of storage and are camped once more at Prato Smeraldo, near EUR/Laurentina, our home in Rome. Le Duc had a dead battery, unsurprisingly, but everything else seemed fine. We'll spend the next several days seeing a few Roman sites, awaiting our appointment for some automotive work, provisioning, making a few improvements on the camper, and dealing with the usual jet lag. Our spring campaign in Europe this year will include southern Italy, especially the Bay of Naples, Sicily, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in Malta, and then the north when it gets warmer, the Dolomites or possibly Courmayeur or beyond.
Me and P, in her Lady Macbeth dress
(Will's birthday too); me in my retro
70s Joe Namath shirt; at Rick's Rich
Ice Cream in Palo Alto; everybody
comes to Rick's

And another departure photo; thank you, Rebecca and
Jeremy for the hospitality, and for sharing your
wonderful daughter

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Tawana said...

Glad you made it to Rome safely. Have a great time!