Friday, April 6, 2018

Quaint, Curious, Quirky, Kooky, Questionable, Kiwi, 4

You can have table service at McDonald's
throughout NZ
Almost every day brings interesting new signage

Outside a fire station

Welly sewer cover

And trash bin

Sic transit, gloria...once home to the bishop and priests, now a
massage parlor

Smaller Kiwi RV

Death to pea weevils! We saw a similar sign about wild ginger...

On a cliff by the sea, Cape Palliser...maybe go ahead and  inflate
your life jacket now too? (Slip=landslide)

Mind your mast

One of our few sheepish experiences; the driver in front was
apparently another tourist who had not yet learned that in order
to get the sheep to move, you have to drive slowly into the
midst of the herd; keep going; you stop, they stop

Stonehenge, Aotearoa; seriously, look it up...

Not the most popular tourist attraction, however

Particularly on the South Island, I conjecture, roads were put
in long after farms, ranches, and stations were laid out...and so,
to move stock from the east 40 to the west 40, safe from traffic,
hundreds of stock underpasses were dug; here's the incoming

And the outgoing

Monumental Services on Main Street

Headstone World (Napier); we never did see "Tombs R Us"

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Tawana said...

When I was a child in rural Arkansas, our farm encompassed acreage on both sides of a state highway. There was a small stream that ran through the farm and crossed under the highway via a tall culvert. Our cows went from one side of the farm to the other by walking through the culvert. The cows in your photos are essentially doing the same thing.