Friday, April 6, 2018

Auckland Museum, 2

Continuing our day at the Auckland Museum...
The smaller of two community halls on display

More beautiful carving

More cases upon cases of artifacts

Helpful model #27,692; of a Maori compound and pa (fortified

Maori tribes

Great display on the relations among the various Pacific
languages (Austranesian they called them); many, if not most,
Maori words look and sound like they came straight from
Hawaii...not exactly nearby

More artifacts

And canoes

The larger of the two community halls


Moving right along...Hillary's ice axe on the
Everest summit climb

Sir Ed

The carving continues upstairs

So how do you explain this to your 2nd graders?

Alas, the only kiwi we saw was dead

Vicki examines a reconstructed Moa, the largest
of birds, over 3m tall; extinct since before the
Europeans arrived (at least there's one thing we
didn't kill off) 

Various other NZ feathered bi-peds

The kea, one of our favorite birds; "pining for the fiords"

The museum also covers marine life, geology (mostly volcanoes),
and, very briefly, mammals; and many other things

Major exhibits on the NZ role in the various world and other wars;
one of the earliest sea battles in WWII was when the cruisers
Exeter, Achilles, and Ajax cornered the German battleship Graf
Spee off the River Plate and saw her scuttled; the Achilles was
an NZ vessel

A major figure in the Battle of Britain was Keith Park,
commander of the 11th fighter group, which saw most of
the action of that time; another Kiwi...among the "happy few"

Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, which powered the Spitfire, and,
later, and more effectively, the P-51 Mustang

Near the beginning of our 2018 NZ campaign was a Spitfire; so
it is fitting to see one near the end too

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