Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Waipohatu Waterfalls Loop Walk

We needed another hike and this 2-3 hour day hike in the bush near Curio Bay seemed right. The vegetation was beautiful and endlessly interesting, but very bush...and humid.

All good DOC walks begin with a bridge

Fern trees in the 15-20 foot range

And other weird trees

Much of the 6k trail was corduroyed, paved with
fern tree logs


Creek; required for waterfalls

Vine city

The short fat waterfall

The tall thin waterfall

Us, there

Tree vs boulder...trees always win

OK, it was a conglomerate boulder

Gondwana beeches

Walking the home stretch, a large bird--maybe 3 times the size of
a pigeon--lighted overhead and stayed, unperturbed as we walked

Thalatta! It was more of a hike than we bargained for, especially
with the humidity, and we were glad to get back to Rooby and
our Nemo

1 comment:

Tawana said...

Looked like a rain forest.
No wonder it was humid.