Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Southern Coast, 1

We drove on south to old friend Invercargill (and Henry, the Tuatara) but then turned east to spend a couple days re-exploring the southern coast of the South Island. Temps were in the agreeably low 70s and 60s though there was occasional light rain and much humidity. We stopped on the sound at Fortrose, camped there, and then carried on the next day to Slope Point, then the Waipapa lighthouse, and then to Waipohatu, doing the bush loop walk with its two waterfalls (next post). Next day we visited Curio Bay before turning back to Invercargill.
On the sound at Fortrose, at a free municipal campground

Thus; or possibly something else

The Waipapa lighthouse came about after the wreck of this
ship in the 1880s, with the loss of 131 lives, merely a kilometer
off shore


Near Slope Point, southernmost bit of the South Island

Been there, done that; it was enough in 2018 merely to see the

It's a windy place

After the Waipohatu  hike and spending the night there, we drove
on to Curio Bay, to see again the petrified forest on a coastal
shelf there


Like a Jurassic logging truck lost its load there


Neat place

With flowers, too

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Tawana said...

Yes, it did look a bit windy.