Friday, January 26, 2018

Farewell, Aoraki

January 22nd was an all-day rain at Mt. Cook, with high winds too. We decided it was a good day to simply read, laze, blog, what have you. The remaining hikes in the area we had not already done were both step-climbs: stairs the DOC put in years ago up to tarns above the valley, one 1800 steps, the other, 1500 steps. January 23rd was a sunny day, and we pondered doing one of the tarns hikes, mostly to see the glaciers closer-up. But climbing such staircases seemed a poor idea for Vicki's knees, also descending them, and we decided to move on again, now toward Wanaka, Mt. Aspiring National Park, and the Rob Roy glacier hike we love.
Amazing to me how many people went hiking despite the rain;
I guess maybe they had deadline issues

Next day, before we left, Rooby is just visible on the left

Glacier-view from the Whitehorse campground


Last look toward Mt. Sefton and the area

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Tawana said...

Yep, all those stairs would not be good for the knees. I don't even like going up one flight!