Monday, January 22, 2018

Approaching Mt. Cook

From Lake Tekapo we drove on to Mt. Cook village and the DOC White Horse campground there, where we would spend the next few nights.
After some miles, you round a bend and there, above Lake Pukaki,
wreathed in glaciers, is Mt. Cook, the greatest of the Southern Alps

Upper bits: what appears to be the summit, on the right, is actually
the beginning of a kilometer-long knife-edge leading to the summit,
the bump in the middle (click to enlarge)

Many glaciers emanate from Mt. Cook, most famously the Franz
Josef and Fox glaciers, on the west side; here, another descends
nearly to the valley floor

The White Horse campground sits below Mt. Sefton and a whole
line of hanging glaciers



And thus

All falling under enveloping clouds as the day proceeded; we'd
be marching right past them the next day as we hiked Hooker

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Tawana said...

New Zealand always amazes me at the variety of scenery.