Thursday, November 2, 2017

To Eze And Back Again, 1

On October 26th we undertook an excursion to the Middle Corniche bastide town of Eze, famed for its views and overall prettiness, being winter home to the Swedish royals for many years, and for comically high prices, especially during the Grand Prix in Monaco next door. There were many turbusses. From the aire de camping-cars in St. Laurent du Var we took the train to Beaulieu sur Mer and then the bus up to Eze. It was a fine day's outing.
Caryatids in Beaulieu sur Mer, not out of place since the Greeks
colonized much of this part of the Mediterranean

So much for high culture

Looking up to the Grand Corniche

Waiting for the bus by Beaulieu sur Mer's marina

Marina sculpture (in a park adjoining the marina)

Turbuss on the Middle Corniche

Ruin way high up

At Eze: why they hate us

Unhelpful model #1, at an Eze gift shoppe; Eze is pretty monochrome

Main interest for me

I was going to walk down it, but then it occurred to me I'd have
to walk back up; next time, the smart thing to do would be to
walk up from Eze-sur-Mer...or maybe just take a picture...

Helpful if stationary map

Looking down toward Nietzsche's trail

Part of the view

Follow the red brick road

Sculpture park at one of the fancy hotels

Great autumn color, great Mediterranean light

After seeing several of these, we opted for a
pizza lunch further up the hill (not pictured)

To be continued

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Tawana said...

Wow! I was in Eze in 1976 and have not been back since. Loved the photos and the memories!