Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Nice, 2017

We had spent several days in Nice in previous years and did not want to do anything much more than walk the old city...and thus the following assortment of scenes. It is a beautiful, wonderful place. (We parked two nights, October 25-26,  at an aire in St. Laurent du Var).

Candied fruit shoppe

Lemon shark

Onions on bread topped with an anchovy and an olive; pass the
breath mints, please

We were hoping it would be a theme

The shutters fold down to become tables and benches

Teas boss ribs, fry bread, pemmican,
maybe some fire water?!

Emotional support poodle

Does your neighborhood have a triperie?

Belvedere not visited

See below

A thing in Nice, on the boardwalk

Proper perspective

Proper perspective

Great art deco

Can we live here? Vicki asked

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Tawana said...

If you live there, we will certainly come to visit! One of my memories of our first visit to Nice in 1976 is of Wes ordering "petit poisson " for lunch. We knew so very little French, but knew that was little fish. He was expecting a small portion of fish. Nope, it was a large platter piled high with deep fried minnows. Probably sardines or some such tiny fish! We laughed and laughed.