Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Frejus Cathedral

We were attracted to Frejus, which is between Cannes and Nice, for its cathedral, said by a guidebook to be very early Gothic, for its octagonal baptistry, and for the paintings in the cathedral cloister. The cathedral is indeed old, started in the 11th, but hardly Gothic. The baptistry was a 5th century recycling of earlier Roman bits, as we saw in Aix. The cloister paintings, next post, are naif, as we say en Francaise, but yield a rich perspective on Medieval life and imagination. Also some mirth.
En pied, admiring the pretty town, eschewing the Roman bits

The cathedral complex

Interesting carvings thereupon

His and hers, evidently

Helpful map #1,140; I can read little French, but I can always
find "Vous etes ici"

Up in perhaps the bishop's private chapel...

Helpful model #6,407; color-coded too

The Baptistry

Alas, unlike Aix, you can't go in and have a nosey

But you can see clearly this is not of Medieval origin

Full immersion...

In the newer (13th) nave of the cathedral

Lombard vaulting, not very high

"Oh Lord we beseech thee, Amen"

Broomhilde, patron saint of broomsweeps

Tiled steeple

But it was the cloister that really attracted us

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Tawana said...

The carvings in these old churches are always interesting. Sometimes I think the stonemasons must have had a real sense of humor.