Sunday, May 7, 2017

To Seville

One of our major goals for this campaign is to visit Seville's April Feria once of the world's more exciting and colorful social gatherings, and something we enjoyed immensely in 2013. So on May 1st we undertook the long drive (280 miles) from Salamanca to Seville, stopping for lunch by the Rio Tajo...just upstream from the Great Roman Bridge at Alcantara, one of the highlights of my continuing classical education...and then at Malpartida, near Caceres, to look at some rocks, and birds, and then some pigs.
Old structure...with storks..near Malpartida

We were looking for the Monumento Natural Los Barruecos;
we like weird rocks

But first, storks

Spain has a serious population growth problem

And so the government is doing everything it can to encourage
delivery of babies

Establishing stork refuges like this one

Lower left, largest braille notice ever...

Weird rocks, Los Barruecos, across the pond

The rocks are all over the countryside, extending all the way
to Alcantara


Oak/acorn/pig country

Seriously, we saw some of the big black/brown oinkers as we
whizzed by...bellota!

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