Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Journey Begins

Every journey begins with a few short steps, as the fella says. We have been talking about and even planning a walk on the Camino de Santiago, jokingly*, then more seriously, for some time. In El Escorial a few weeks ago we even procured the current guidebook for the Portuguese variant, now the 2nd most popular of all the official versions of The Way**. And on Tuesday, we made our way from the bus stop to the Lisbon Cathedral to obtain our Credenciales. (No Credencial, no Compostela; no time off for good behavior in Purgatory; also no Camino de Santiago patch for your back pack and NO fridge magnet). It was a Moment for me. I was so moved I even forgot to count the change the guy gave me for dos credenciales, por favor (2 euros each), at the Cathedral gift shoppe. Outside, Vicki took pix, and we later celebrated with a fine Portuguese lunch at Paco Real. In another couple weeks, we will become peregrinos, pilgrims on the Camino Portuguese. Sort of.
Lisbon Cathedral, begun in 1147 and not much
changed since then; it has survived all the city's
horrendous earthquakes

Late, really late, Romanesque, barrel vaulting,
etc.; Gothic bits were added in later years, but
they were mostly destroyed in 1755: maybe
God doesn't like Gothic, and this was a sign...

Pleased, proud, and in my most resolute pose...never mind
the impish twinkle

Another sign: walking past the ecclesiastical
offices, I notice a kalanchoe--one of my
favorite plants--has escaped its confines and
begun anew on the outside...thriving

*Vicki calls it the "Carmen Sandiego"
**Also the name of a good movie on the subject, which you can probably watch in less time than reading the Wikipedia articles

Another sign: much later in the day, we were out stalking art
deco buildings, and this real peregrino happens by, obviously
trying to navigate Lisbon on vellum notes; did you know that
there are scores of Camino de Santiago apps?


Tawana said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I would love to do that!

Rebecca said...

Love this picture of you!