Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Seville Scenes, 2017, 2

Continuing our 2017 visit to Seville...
Colonel Tapas, Tapas King, and McTapas can't be far away

Still love the old tiles

Oranges mostly gone but still a few here and there

Charlton Heston monument still there

Tiles benches in the beautiful park

All dressed up but no date for Feria...

Minding my own business, appreciating the incredible rubber
trees in park...
And a Feria carriage whooshes by

Incredible roots, including the aerials

Beautiful spring growth

Wall of broken tile pieces from 18th century


Wonderful color everywhere, especially the jacarandas

Mozart statue outside the opera house (Figaro...Seville...)

Famous animal wrongs activist

Famous animal wrongs arena

Antonio Garcia hats for every occasion

Statue of Velazquez atop historic building

Hey, it's Feria!

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Tawana said...

We all took one of those carriage rides our last night in Seville...bottles of cava and lots of happy folks. Tons of little girls dressed in smocked dresses, and lots of shops displaying beautiful children's clothes. All good memories of Seville. I'm glad you are having a good trip.