Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Seville Cathedral, 2017

It's said to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world...
Happily, there doing a cleaning and the facade
here affords a good before/after view

In the entry/museum, a nice head shot of John the Baptist

Unusual view too

Not sure whether the orangery/ablution area is included in
the size of the church 

The cathedral's most popular/important possession: the more
or less authenticated tomb of Cristobal Colon; in 2010, it was
almost too dark to photograph

Crossing vaulting; about as fancy as it gets; very, very late

Altar thing...tons of Peruvian gold


Organ bit

"Walter, they're calling the cops, put the piece
away, man"

Tourists fascinated by

A thorn from the Crown of Thorns


Among the seeming dozens of side chapels

Increible...the fine print print at the bottom says
that just because it's in the Guiness book doesn't
mean it's true...

Nice tile, with relic inside

Famous Ribera painting

Personally, I think any Spanish Gothic needs to
have an asterisk or maybe quotation marks;
there is scarcely enough natural light in the
cathedral here to read

There is great beauty, however

Nave vaulting

Tour guide who seems to have lost his flock

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Tawana said...

Your photos bring back such memories! Enjoying journeying with you.