Sunday, May 7, 2017

Salamanca's Old Cathedral

Well, not that old. In a circumstance like this, one hopes for a Romanesque old building, a Gothic new building, and wonderful opportunities for comparison. As I observed earlier, however, the Gothic memo got to Spain quite late--the Moors held this part of Spain when it might have been Romanesque--and both these buildings are mostly Gothic, although the old one sports much of the old style, particularly in painting and sculpture. It's always exciting to view the older bits, especially if they are quite old.
In 2013, they turned us away and we never saw the old

The painting, everywhere, conspicuously old

And the capitals

Very worn stone here and there

Definitely Romanesque murals

Divinity in his Mandorla thing; muy

Knave view...glorious Romanesque darkness, heaviness;
never-mind the pointy arches

Mostly weird capitals

Altar and above

And a not quite traditional Judgement; how come, I ask, those
of us going to Hell don't get to wear clothes? And is this a bad
thing, really?


Starboard transept, great murals (port transept was lopped off
for the new cathedral)

Cathedral flooring...all graves...or prayer carpets?

St. the cloister now

Mostly tombs and chapels

And old capitals

In the museum

Nearly funny face

Dyslectic Medieval alphabet

VIP warrior/knight buried here

Love the painting

Hmmmm; she's turned toward him; he's turned away...

New and old

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Tawana said...

Interesting old cathedral. I think that the two images are both just looking to the left...wish more folks in Washington would do that!