Sunday, May 7, 2017

Salamanca's New Cathedral

Well, more or less new Gothic cathedral. Late Gothic. 14th-15th centuries. What is so interesting about Salamanca's cathedral(s) is that, unlike the standard model, they didn't build the new one on top of the old one. Rather, they built it adjacent to the old one, leaving the latter, older one, wonderfully intact (except for severing its port transept). You can thus see both on the same tickets, a 2fer. We toured the new one, quickly, in 2013, but never saw the old one. See next post.
Salamanca (new) cathedral

Did I mention we love Salamanca graphics?

Such a late Gothic, the vaulting is atypical



Other vaulting decor

Flying casket

Rolling out the red carpet, perhaps not just for us

Guess whose chapel?

Lightly attended

Starboard aisle; it's a big, impressive building
Specimen chapel


Specimen misericord


Um, let's move on, quickly, to the old cathedral

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Tawana said...

Wow! What a pipe organ!