Sunday, May 7, 2017

Salamanca Scenes And Incidents, 2

More of beautiful Salamanca...
Monastery church

And in English too

Torres de los Anaya, old, Medieval

Wall tower

The grill on this beautiful old building attracted us

Beautiful courtyard; turned out to be the provincial

Back to the Plaza Mayor for an early dinner

Under the watchful eye of Generalissimo Franco

Vicki had the churros and chocolate, while I had this healthy

At the Cafe Novelty, hang-out of the philosopher
Miguel Unamuno when he was rector of the

Nice place

Every now and then the elephant lets off a little steam; too
many fartons?

Entrance to the university; see the 2013 post for explanation

Vicki studying some of the lettering in a courtyard

Peering into a quadrangle

Did I mention liking Salamanca's graphics?

Now night is falling and we are there to look up at the art
nouveau museum, a beautiful box of light

Still following the troubadors

And seeing the great Plaza at night

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Tawana said...

The elephant statue is a hoot!