Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sagres, 2017

I wanted to see Sagres again just because we had spent several nights there or in the vicinity back in 2010: ( It was the western-most end of the world for the Romans, hence "sacred," and also the site of Prince Henry's School of Navigation, some years later. Columbus was an alum. Be all that as it may, we were prepared for the usual changes, after 7 years, but not quite prepared for the memory lapses and errors occasioned by seeing it all again.
View from where we camped, some nights, in 2010

All grown over now; signs prohibiting camping, RVs, etc.

The trip down Amnesia Lane required a stop in the harbor,
by the Doca Pesca

Cleaning the cages

Memorable entrance to Sagres harbor

We did not feel very welcomed

So we drove out to Cabo St. Vincent, which we, I, remembered
as the site of Prince Henry's; it is in  fact the land's end, as
celebrated in the above very busy brat stand ("last bratwurst
before America")

Has been discovered by the turbusses; or perhaps they don't go
there in winter, when we were there in 2010

Other than the lighthouse, I have no idea what the attraction
is at St. Vincent

So we drove back to Sagres and the "memories come floodin'
back," sort of; it was out on a point at Sagres where Prince
Henry's was, and where we camped: here; windy, but quiet
and secure

View back to the beach at Sagres

No longer Surf City

Looking back to Cabo St. Vincent

Closer up

Still a few surfers waiting for the big one

Others paddling out to wait for the big one

Approximate location of Prince Henry's, now a museum...

Motorhome parking obviously tolerated here, by Prince Henry's

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Tawana said...

We visited here when we were in Portugal. Wes wanted to see where Prince Henry's Navigation school was...sort of the end of the known world back then.