Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Random Madrid Scenes

Walking around over the course of 2-3 days...we enjoyed Madrid more than previous visits and are wondering now when and how we'll return.
Modernistas here and there

With sculpture depicting a bad end to man's first attempt at
heavier-than-air flight
Rescue of a Segway

Somehow we got lost onto the awful Fodor's self-guided tour
we did last time

We have come to appreciate that if a town doesn't have an Irish
bar, it probably doesn't have a bar


The ants go marching...what do ants sing as
they march?

One sees the "Welcome Refugees" signs all

Landmark buildings

In Plaza de Sol; I finally tried a Tio Pepe one day; ick

And the band continues playing on; I think I actually recognized
some of these guys from 2013

Making bath time lots of fun...

Spanish pastry shops are quite inviting and quite reasonably-

Part Modernista, part wedding cake

Trompe l'oeil building

Our first impression of Camping Osuna--in the wet and cold
and dark of January, 2010--was not so good; we have come to
appreciate it now, after our third stay, particularly the ease of
transportation into the city it provides

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Tawana said...

Our hotel in Madrid was right on the Plaza del Sol. The first time we were there, there was traffic there, but the next time we came, it had become a pedestrian plaza. Glad you decided you liked Madrid. We liked it...went to a bull fight there and think we were the only Americans in the arena.