Friday, May 26, 2017

Museu Nacional De Arte Antigua

We missed the National Museum of Old Art entirely in 2009. It was before our interest in art/painting history had grown, and besides, who's ever heard of it? Sounds like antiques. Well, since 2009, we have heard of it, especially in connection with the older northern masters we like. So a trip to the MNAA was inevitable, especially to see the Bosch triptych The Temptations of St. Anthony (next post). The painting collection at MNAA is chronological, but, having missed the turn at Pismo Beach, we did it in reverse chronological order. Depending on your perspective. We also visited the decorative arts section and the section devoted to art from countries and regions Portugal "explored."
Old entrance, for those arriving by public transportation

Beautiful Courbet Winter Scene

Never miss a Fragonard; I'm sparing you the

A Steen

Most unusual, an Andrea della Robia statue,
St. Leonard

Peter the Younger Breughel, Works of Mercy; like father...

Momper's Tower of Babel

Three walls of Zuberan saints, martyrs, apostles, whatever...

Durer's St. Jerome (where's the pussycat?)

Cranach's Salome, interestingly attired

Piero della Francesca, St. Augustine, 15th,

Jan Prevost, Lady of Mercy triptych

Anonymous, Jesus Strafing St. Francis (detail)

Incredible silver

And other stuff, much of it from other places

From a setting of the twelve martyrs

Monstrance and its carrying case

Hey, we are in Portugal

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