Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Menhir Da Meada

Ten miles north of Castle do Vide is the largest menhir in Iberia, the Menhir da Meada, aka the Menhir da Viagra. Something we had to see.
One-lane but paved roads, and the signage was good

Back out into the megalith-strewn wonderland of Alentaje

Where they use mini-menhirs for fence posts!

And there it is; in a national park, so there is ease of access,
a car park, picnic tables, poubelles...

Even a marker and interpretive signage

To wit...

With me, for scale; it's a little more than 7m;
only recently discovered; and lovingly

In context

The putative glans bit, in case you're interested

The pavement does not go ever on from here

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