Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Marvao: The Town

We have seen our share of hill towns, and I think Marvao may well have been the best. It is interesting, clean, amply explained in signage, not over-run by tourists (just indies) nor trinket shoppes. There are a few cafes and restaurants, a few B&Bs or boutique hotels, but mostly just a town that has the amenities and excels in self-regard. Not a lot of traffic, either, although what there is is well-managed and mostly kept outside the walls.
Several old gates lead into the town

Cruel and unusual punishments occurred here;
executions without the walls

Bridge to property across the alley

Street scene

Bridge to one's rooftop garden across the alley

Portuguese version of a vespasian

Manueline window 

Nice views

Town from the castle

Beautifully manicured public park; note the cork tree has been

View of castle from garden

Church converted to municipal museum

Everything's up to date...

A self-regarding place: historical plaques all over

A Manueline door one one of the very few
disused buildings

Futbol field at the school

Parque infantil

Inside the main church

Beautiful private and public landscaping all over

Nice views

A little topiary lining the street

Back door

Bug's-eye view of wildflowers

Another great visit!

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van extraordinaire! said...

I am glad you liked all my recommendations and as usual, your photos are wonderful. But now you HAVE to visit Monsaraz in the Alentejo also, a real 'eagles' nest' and also traffic free!!