Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Marvao: The Castle

We drove on to Marvao, a castle/fortified hill town that dates from Moorish times. The fortress was enlarged and strengthened as it changed hands and through the centuries. Being just a few miles from Spain, its main purpose in later centuries was defense against the far larger and more powerful nation to the east. The hill-side aire at Marvao was full, so we spent the night in a quiet lay-by a kilometer or so down the hill.
Marvao, the castle on the left, the town on the right, mostly;
all on a lofty crag

The castle part

Approaching the castle

En foot

A double-curtained affair

Steps down to cistern, said to be six months'

Approaching inner castle, keep

Nice little all-weather look-out booths all around

Looking back to the town, which is entirely within the outer

Nice views

Castle do Vide, 5-6 miles away

Spain across the mountains

Gunner's view

Dam and reservoir, one of many in interior Portugal

Keep and curtains

The whole fortress was covered in earwigs, dead and alive,
reminding me a bit of Nemrut Doghi and its hordes of lady bugs

Impressive castle, very much intact, very well signed

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