Monday, May 22, 2017

Lisbon Food

The food we have experienced is elemental, not complicated or fussy, but wonderful. Not a good place for dieting, however.
Alcoa...a patisserie...and I thought they made Reynolds Wrap

Plus pastels de nata and other decadence

Legendary cafe

Gimja is the great cherry liqueur of Portugal; you can get it at
stands like this, or non-mobile stands, or lots of other places;
served in chocolate cups

It was lunch time and we couldn't get in to our
first choice; after a bit of a walk, we arrived
at our 2nd choice, the Casa de Alentaje, which
turned out to be the Alentaje cultural center;
with a tavern, and a restaurant, all in a
beautiful Moorish style building

The place was crowded but we boldly walked
into the restaurant, were told the pork and cod
were all that was left, but we agreed that was fine,
and were seated; what followed was one of our
more wonderful meals 

My bread soup; really, a garlic/cilantro broth, with an egg
poached within, topped with bread

Vicki's veggie puree

Baked cod and potatoes swimming in a sea of garlic butter

Vicki's pork and potatoes

Vicki's clams, which devolved to me

The room we were in walled by tile paintings of Alentaje; here,
the dolmen...

In the library, a bull "fighting" scene

Old tile throughout the building

One of the dining rooms

Main floor

We can't believe this place is open to the public

Next stop, the Confeiteria Nacional, to watch pastels being
made; also to eat some

An immobile Ginjateria

Line to get into the Pastelieria Belem

Poor Piglet

Another day, another traditional lunch...Vicki's veal and chips
and rice; and my red sausage (under the eggs) and chips...

At a very plain but wonderful and welcoming place