Saturday, May 20, 2017

Evora, 2017

We visited Evora in 2010 (, pretty much for the same reasons as in 2017: it's a beautiful city, with many items of interest (, and it's in the middle of the megalithic wonderland of Alentejo.
Arcade on one side of the main plaza: interesting variation in
arch size, style

On the main plaza

Lest it be forgotten: the Pope was in Portugal at the same time
as our visit; just FYI

Evora cathedral

Enticing museum signs; and in English, too;
maybe next time

One of Evora's main draws, its Roman temple

A lesser draw...within a couple hundred meters
of both the cathedral and the Roman temple is 
the old city water tower; its placement is quite 
curiosity; but the city leaders have made
lemonade, or maybe even a Pisco Sour, from
the lemons, turning the water tower into a 
museum...perhaps the world's only museum of
water towers

Thus; and in English too

And not unrelated: a few meters down the lane
was this structure, which we surmised was the
tomb of someone important, maybe Roman,
maybe, we later were told, it
was at this point that the Roman aquaduct met
the Roman city walls: the little "tomb" was
actually where you went to get your water

Continuing down the alley...

This sign caught Vicki's attention, especially
the "addictive" part

Her berry tea and pastels de nata; she bought an order to go, too

My country grilled sandwich: Iberian ham, sausage slices, tomato, 
and queso, grilled, with oregano sprinkled atop; and a cervesa; 
all of this, both of us, came to 9 euros, t & t incl.

But wait, there's more...this little place is built right into the
Roman wall

And they do fado on weekend nights

Parthian shot of the plaza

Interesting and pretty place, Evora

Even a 15th century aquaduct

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Tawana said...

Those little custard tarts were my favorite thing about Portugal. I probably ate half a dozen every day!